The End of LinkedIn Stories

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In September 2020, LinkedIn globally launched its Stories feature. It is a short video clip of up to 20 seconds that stays on a LinkedIn profile within 24 hours only. But they can also be saved on the LinkedIn Stories frame. 

LinkedIn Stories are a clone of Facebook and Instagram Stories. They can also be converted into Stories ads by adding product tags. LinkedIn rolled out Stories for the professional community to share updates in casual and fun ways. But it seems that LinkedIn’s Stories insights have shown negative comments and responses like Twitter Fleets

Recently, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product, Liz Li, made a big announcement on LinkedIn Pulse. After experimenting with LinkedIn Stories, they found out that Linked users prefer videos more professionally. They also want these videos to stay permanently on their Linked Profiles. That is why LinkedIn decided to reimagine such video content. Liz announced the end of LinkedIn Stories by 30 September 2021. But moving forward, they are now working on a better video format that will replace it.

Implications for Marketers: 

The end of LinkedIn Stories shows that the platform has a unique user base. Instead of casual and fun content, marketers should focus on formal education within the largest network of professionals around the world. It means focusing on how-to videos and other informational content to boost engagement and revenue on LinkedIn.


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