Experimenting Product Tags on YouTube Videos

Experimenting Product Tags on YouTube Videos

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The combination of visual images and product information links have been a powerful digital marketing tool today. These are called product tags. Facebook enabled the use of product tags on 11 May 2020. This is to support small businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Similar shopping tags were also added on Instagram. Even Pinterest launched tools for effective product tagging. Recently, Bloomberg reported that Google is experimenting with product tags on YouTube videos.

It was first reported that YouTube has been requesting creators to use a product tag software on their videos since 09 October 2020. As such, U.S. YouTube viewers can now see product tags on some YouTube videos. A shopping bag icon showing at the bottom left of the video screen leads viewers to the product’s eCommerce site. They can then see the information about the product. Should they wish to make a purchase, they can directly add it to a shopping cart.

Google is experimenting with product tags on YouTube videos as of 14 January 2021. The tests apply to all Android, desktop, and iOS YouTube users in the United States.

Implications for Marketers:

Product tags on YouTube videos can make the platform an online shopping site. For marketers, this is something they need to consider. In 2020, YouTube ads have generated 400 million views with its top creator earning $29.5 million. So, there’s a big potential for brands to increase both awareness and revenue using product tags on YouTube.

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