Double U - Video Production in Hong Kong

Double U is video production company in Hong Kong specialised in providing video production services such as Facebook Video Marketing, Instagram Video Marketing, Facebook Live Streaming, Instagram Live Streaming, Video Marketing, BTS Shoots, Video Shooting, Brand Videos, Product Videos, Event Videos, and Testimonials, and all sorts of other video marketing initiatives.


Branding videos tell your audience about the essence of your brand and what you have to offer. A great brand video connects with the audience, and it tells them the story behind the brand. Double U’s team is equipped with the tools needed to help your brand shine. Shoot us a message to learn more!


Instagram is a platform that relies very heavily on visuals. This is why it is incredibly important to plan and create videos that can engage with Instagram’s audience. We know the secrets to creating the perfect Instagram video-collaborate with us so we can share them with you.


We create product videos that accurately depict what your product is all about. We believe that the best product videos blend information and style together in a seamless fashion, and we at Double U video studio can make that happen.


Corporate videos provide a whole new way for brands to communicate with their audiences. Having videos on a brand’s website can lead to amazing results and draw more traffic to the brand’s website. Is it your goal to boost your engagement? We can help you with our videographer Hong Kong to build the perfect video as a corporate video production house in Hong Kong to do just that.


Animated videos are creative ways to grab your audiences’ attention. Our talented team of artists can design, illustrate, and create storyboards to create animated videos that give the brand what they need. Brand loves our animation production.


Facebook is one of the most powerful sites today. Therefore, there's more than just a handful of people on it - the whole world is on Facebook! We assure you we can reach these people through creative video representation.


Through Facebook Livestreaming, we ensure that your fans and audience can attend your activities, meetings, and announcements by providing them an avenue to indulge and be active participants. We have perfected the inner workings of Facebook Live.


Aside from YouTube being a popular avenue for vloggers to share their day-to-day lives, we conceptualize videos fit for the whole YouTube audience, complete with animations and fun transitions to ensure a steadily growing subscriber list.


Instagrammers love Instagram Livestreaming especially when their biggest idols do it. It allows them to easily ask questions and interact. We make it easy for the other side to reach their audience by mastering Instagram's tricks and secrets.


We are a video production house in HK run by some of the most innovative and most creative minds in the industry. Video is breaking barriers in the realm of digital marketing, and it will continue to do so in the near future. That is why we are here to help you craft the best video marketing strategy and taking care of video production process for your brand and help your brand reach its goals. Got a question on anything video? The Double U video production agency got you covered.