The True Power of TrueView Video Ads

The True Power of TrueView Video Ads

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  1. Have you ever encountered a video ad popping out while watching a YouTube video?

    After playing for five seconds, you can continue watching or skip it. These are YouTube’s TrueView video ads. These ads have generated 89% more signups than other YouTube ads. Let’s now explore the true power of TrueView video ads. 

  2. TrueView video ads skippable in-stream video ads on YouTube

    Such video ads were launched by YouTube on 02 December 2010 to bridge the gap between business goals and YouTuber's interests. Most viewers get annoyed being bombarded with ads. YouTube makes it simple by showing ads based on the viewer's interests. TrueView video ads don't have a time limit. But the most successful ones are those longer than 3 minutes. What’s good about TrueView video ads is that a business only pays whenever viewers watch them.

The three main business goals for TrueView ads are brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. 

  • TrueView discovery ads boost brand awareness as they pop up on a watch page, search results, and a YouTube home page. When a viewer clicks the ad, it’s more likely that they catch the viewer’s interest. 
  • TrueView shopping ads allow businesses to place products on in-stream feeds. The products are linked to a Merchant Center which makes it easier to complete a sale when the viewers click the link. Businesses can put up to 10 products on a TrueView shopping ad but only 6 will be visible.
  • TrueView for action ads play before, during, and after a YouTube video. Afterward, viewers can choose whether to continue watching them or skip them. These TrueView ads can help generate leads by influencing viewers to do a call-to-action. It may be signing up for alerts, subscribing to a YouTube channel, etc. 

Implications for Marketers:

The true power of TrueView video ads is its cost-efficiency and effectiveness to achieve business goals. Marketers should consider exploring these types of ads to boost brand awareness, lead generation, and sales. With TrueView video ads, you’re sure that your ad spends are worth it. Plus, with the 1.86 billion YouTube’s monthly active users, you’ve got a large market to positively lift a brand.


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