Liven up Your Fleets with Background Images or Videos

Liven up Your Fleets with Background Images or Videos

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The main goal of Twitter is to serve public conversations. People go to the platform to look for news and trends. It is where open discussion of hot topics happens. Today, short-form video clips dominate social media. It’s how people express momentarily experiences in their lives. These stories receive a huge number of comments, likes, shares, and other reactions. As such, Twitter launched Fleets, a version of Instagram Stories last November 2020

Fleets are called disappearing tweets. It’s because they disappear 24 hours after posting. The Twitter nation can Fleet all about it by:

  • Retweeting
  • Sharing an image or video
  • Writing text captions

After its official launch, Twitter added fun elements on Fleets like animated stickers and Twemojis.

Today, iOS users can add custom images or videos to liven up their Fleets. When you Fleet a tweet, tap the Share in a Fleet” icon. Next, tap the camera icon and capture or choose a photo or image from your camera to add as a custom background for the frame on your Fleets. You can also add other visual elements to make Fleets more engaging.

Implications for Marketers:

Adding more visual elements like custom backgrounds makes Fleets more engaging. Marketers should tap into these features to boost connection and engagement within the Twitter nation. With 340 million monthly active users, it is clear that Twitter is now in a race to integrate eCommerce. All the more, brands can make great video ads through Fleets.


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