Instagram Experiments on Multi-Style Auto-Caption for Stories

Instagram Experiments on Multi-Style Auto-Caption for Stories

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Are you a social media manager? Then, here’s a new feature on Instagram that you will surely love! The platform is now experimenting on multi-style auto-caption for Stories. This was a follow-up on its experiment for automated captions on IGTVs

The latest experiment on multi-style auto-caption suggests text translations for Stories. Instagrammers just need to add the caption sticker via the tweet composer before posting such short video clips. They can choose between 4 text styles such as the block letters, ordinary text, large words, and typewriter-Esque block text. These on-screen captions will appear right in the center of Instagram stories.

Multi-style auto-caption for Instagram stories are now under beta experimentation as of 09 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Auto-captions for Instagram Stories are a great way to boost their visibility on the platform. For marketers, this is another option to increase audience reach. They allow users to understand brand Stories with or without sounds. Just like Facebook and YouTube, auto-captions can make your content SEO-friendly.


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