Find Videos Using Facebook Watch

Find Videos Using Facebook Watch

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Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand service with 1.25 billion monthly active users. It uniquely features a sharing function on the Facebook platform. Last 31 July 2020, Facebook adds music labels on Watch. Now, users can find videos with the following options:

  • Highlights. This shows popular clips and videos on Facebook. “What’s Happening?” highlights the latest in entertainment and sports. “Featured” videos highlight funny and loved video clips.
  • Topics. This allows users to follow specific subjects they want to see based on personal interests and preferences.

Finding videos on Watch through highlights and topics are initially available to U.S. audiences as of 19 October 2020. It will be coming out in more regions soon.

Implications for Marketers:

Finding videos on Facebook Watch is a clear move for Facebook to compete with YouTube videos. It can double the engagement on Facebook Watch. Marketers should consider partnering with influencers to take advantage of these new features. As online video largely accounts for online traffic, brand-related video clips can be a better campaign option.


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