New Checks Tool on YouTube

New Checks Tool on YouTube

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Have you ever thought about how creators upload YouTube videos? What’s their major headache while doing so? With lots of videos uploaded on YouTube, there is a greater chance of copyright infringement. Lucky enough, we’ve got a new checks tool on YouTube. 

First off, YouTube has launched several tools to make content creation easier. These include video formats like Clips and Shorts. The platform also rolled out monetization tools for creators such as product tags and video ads. For better insights, comparative data tools were also added in YouTube Analytics.

The new checks tool will analyze video content before publishing. It will check for possible policy violations on YouTube. The check will take around several minutes to half an hour depending on the video length. Once the check is done, it will show a note for any error. As such, creators can address the issue right away or do some investigation to resolve it. If a creator is under the YouTube monetization program, the checks tool will also determine the ad suitability of a video. 

YouTube’s Checks tool will initially be available to desktop users as of 17 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

The new checks tool on YouTube makes it easier for creators to validate their content for ad suitability and copyright infringement. It may not be a perfect tool. But it could make content creation a little bit easier. For marketers, this is an option to measure the suitability of video ads for a campaign. With YouTube’s rich insights and innovative tools, brands can’t go wrong with YouTube marketing.


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