New Comparative Data Tools in YouTube

New Comparative Data Tools in YouTube

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Here’s good news for Creators! YouTube adds 2 new comparative tools in its Analytics. These can help you better assess what’s working on your channel. Recently, YouTube explains the impact of Shorts and TrueView ads. The new comparative tools make it easier to compare a video with other videos on your channel and the YouTube community. 

First, under the Advanced Mode of Channel Analytics, you can filter videos per timeframe. These can be between the first 24 hrs., first 7 days, or first 28 days. You can also choose between the published dates going back to 2019. A dot or scatter plot will appear. Each dot represents the videos published within a selected timeframe. From there you can choose the metrics you want to compare like average view duration, impressions, views, etc. Below the dot or scatter plot is the list of top 5, average, and bottom 5 performing videos. Please note that the system allows only 100 videos to compare.

Second, most creators want to compare a newly published video within a day after it was posted. So, YouTube adds an “Early Performance Report.” You can find this tool in the video report section. Using the tool, you can see how the video performs after 24-hours of its release. YouTube doesn’t recommend this as a good indicator of video performance. For them, the best time to assess the metrics of a video is after several days, weeks, or months.

The new comparative tools on YouTube are available on the Creator Studio dashboard effective 22 February 2021. It will soon be rolled out on the artist channel.

Implications for Marketers:

The new comparative tools in YouTube can be a great help for creators to improve their future strategy. By comparing videos, they can note the common elements that made the top videos stand and which made the bottom videos standstill. With these new tools, pretty sure, we’ll see more quality videos on YouTube.


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