Live Group Streaming Coming Soon on Instagram

Live Group Streaming Coming Soon on Instagram

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We’ve got some cool news from Instagram’s Chief! Live group streaming will be coming soon on the platform. Lilly Singh had a casual interview with Adam Mosseri, in “A Little Late” show last 03 February 2021. During the interview, Lilly asks her longtime friend to spill the tea about the new features that they are working on. Adam announces that they have been working on live groups and will finally be releasing the ability to go live with more than 1 person on Instagram. He further elaborated that it will be a live group streaming of up to 4 participants. 

Lilly then asked if they have already tried live group streaming. To have a demo of such a super dope exclusive feature, Adam sends Lilly a request to join his live broadcast. After joining, Lilly asks Adam about what is the best Instagram filter to use on live streams. Adam noted that a guy from Italy named Muccico makes the best filters using cool little drawings. He then uses a space filter noting that the filter just draws on top without changing the colors. Lilly disagrees with Adam using the funny mirror filter. Adam laughs but Lilly further explains that the mirror filter will make everyone say that she looks silly and stupid – just for fun. Lilly then asks Adam to invite Nabela Noor to join the live stream. Lilly asked the YouTube blogger what’s the best filter in her opinion. Nabela uses the heart crown filter which she said is the best because it matches the color of her outfit. Lilly then asks Adam to invite Scarbro the Dawg as the 4th live group streaming to choose which is the best among the three options. The dog Bum Bum points to the heart crown filter of Nabela. The interview ends with Adam saying that they are just doing the finishing touches of the multi-user live stream. So, Instagrammers should expect its roll out in the next couple of weeks. 

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram live streams generate 4x more engagement than those of recorded videos. Live group streaming can further boost that engagement from followers of up to 4 different Instagram accounts. For marketers, this can be a great way to partner with influencers to endorse brands and products. They can also use creative tools, paid badges, and shopping tags to boost revenue during the live group streaming.


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