Instagram Rolls Out New Creative Tools for Videos

Instagram Rolls Out New Creative Tools for Videos

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Ever use Instagram Reels or Stories? We’ve got great news! Instagram rolls out new creative tools for videos. You can use these tools to make your Reels and Stories more interactive and enjoyable. 

Reels are TiktTok-like short video clips that last for 15 to 30 seconds. While Stories are either images or 15-seconds videos that last only within 24-hrs after it was posted on an Instagram account. 

The new creative tools for Reels videos are audio mixes and voice-over options. Audio mixes allow users to add other music clips on Reels while voice-over options allow adding voice clips. Users can mix and match these clips on Reels. Together with these new creative tools, Instagram is adding a Reels’ watermark to boost branding.

For Stories, Instagram rolls out a new set of effects for the camera, color filters, and editing. Users can now go on multi-capture mode to take several photos without repeatedly touching the camera button. A new set of color filters can also be used to adjust the intensity of a photo or video. More editing elements are also added to give users more options to customize their clips.

Implications for Marketers:

The new creative tools for videos on Instagram can further increase creativity among Reels and Stories. For marketers, these tools can help them enhance their ads and increase engagement through interactive content.


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