Converting Web Pages Into Short Videos via Google

Converting Web Pages Into Short Videos via Google

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Do you want to turn your website content into multimedia content? Google is now experimenting with converting web pages into short videos. Recently, Google enhanced its digital ad tools and rolled out audio engagement. These updates help marketers better understand and use Google in their marketing campaigns.  

Today, brands can create video ads from scratch and for free. With the use of URL2Video, you can extract assets from your site and let Google’s AI render a video based on your specified duration and ratio. URL2Video will organize your visual assets into a sequence of shots. You can create different compositions to compare. You can also change the video’s colors and fonts. 

Google experiments on converting web pages into short videos as of 29 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Converting web pages into short videos is a great way for marketers to create engaging campaigns. Videos are so far, the best performing content types on Facebook. It results in 10x more engagement on Twitter and 20x more shares on LinkedIn. The tool may not yet be available to users. But marketers should look forward to using it for promotions. It’s an easy way to bring your product images into life and engage your audiences.


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