Replaceable Backgrounds on Google Meet

Replaceable Backgrounds on Google Meet

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Google Meet launches replaceable backgrounds on video calls. Just like the recently introduced Snapchat’s local lenses, users can customize their background while on a live broadcast or call. MediaPipe powers replaceable backgrounds. They may either be handpicked or uploaded by a user. Handpicked images include an abstract environment, office locations, and famous landmarks. Changing a Google Meet background is as easy as 3-steps;

  • Click “Change Background”
  • Select or upload your preferred background
  • Click Add

Google Meet also allows hiding the user’s live environment by joining “background blur.” What’s best? These built-in capabilities don’t need an extension or software download. 

Implications for Marketers:

The replaceable background in Google Meet is a great way to inject fun during a live broadcast or video call. Besides, it’s free. With a record of 235 million Google Meet daily users, marketers should consider it as a campaign option. As Google adds new tools for digital campaigns, brands can now fulfill their marketing objectives in different ways.


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