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Google Introduces Shoploop, a New Video and Review Platform

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Effective 16 July 2020, Google introduces Shoploop, a new video and review platform. It showcases short-form videos below 90 seconds. Users can also try participating merchant products. Shoploop was founded by Lax Poojary in 2019. Its main goal is to find, test, and buy products in a single platform. He got the idea while riding a New York subway train. A woman beside him kept switching between apps to locate a makeup shop and see the makeup reviews. Through Shoploop, users can virtually try products and buy them straight from an eCommerce website. It also features practical tips, reviews, and videos of product usage.

Implications for Marketers:

Google introduces a revolutionary way of online shopping through Shoploop. For shoppers, It’s a fun way to try new products virtually. For marketers, it increases the chance of getting a sale. To further increase conversion, promote a brand by posting how-tos, influencer reviews, and practical tips in short-form videos. 

Reference: https://blog.google/technology/area-120/shoploop/

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