Facebook Experimenting Motion Effects on Still Images

Facebook Experimenting Motion Effects on Still Images

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Do you want to animate photos on your Facebook page? The platform is now experimenting with motion effects on still images. It’s like Google’s URL2Video, a tool to convert web pages into short videos. Before this, Facebook launched “Layout,” a visual effect option in the newsfeed. It converts images into banners, columns, or frames. 

As shown in Matt Navarra’s tweet, a new visual option is available on Facebook’s newsfeed as of 05 November 2020. If a user chooses “Motion,” moving effects will be added to the photos. The flash effect pops out images fast in a zoom style. The highlight effect focuses on images as they pop out. While the slide effect pop images out in a sliding manner. Facebook hasn’t officially announced rolling out such a feature yet. But everybody’s eager to try them out.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers should watch out for the launch of motion effects. It’s a free and fun way to create moving content. Motion effects can liven ads and campaigns. They can turn images into the best-performing Facebook content – videos

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-tests-new-options-to-add-motion-effects-to-still-images-in-feed/588505/

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