YouTube Live Streaming Now Supports HDR

YouTube Live Streaming Now Supports HDR

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Do you enjoy watching High Dynamic Range videos on YouTube? Well, you will now enjoy the same viewing experience in YouTube Live Streams. Back in November 2016, YouTube allowed HDR on pre-recorded videos. It uses a resolution of up to 2160p. This means more pixels per inch, creating a brighter and crisper display. YouTube Live Streaming now supports HDR. Creators can now go on live broadcast under an HDR format of either in HLG or HDR10 standards. They just need to use Google’s supported encoders to do so. YouTube viewers also need to use a supported playback device to access an HDR live stream.

YouTube Live Streaming now supports HDR as of 08 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube HDR Live Stream will give YouTubers a new experience on viewing live videos. This can be beneficial to marketers in the fashion and travel world. Giving more brightness and color to a YouTube Live stream can be an eye-catching ad content that will boost engagement and interest among the audiences.


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