Low-Production Videos Impact Instagram

Low-Production Videos Impact Instagram

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Low-production videos impact Instagram!

Have you seen Dunkin’ Doughnut’s latest videos on Instagram? With just a cutting board and a knife, they were able to create mouthwatering ads on their products.

How about Wakibungu’s profile? See how they creatively make DIY videos to inspire organizers and planners in using their stationery line.

So much more with Amaro jumping into a change of outfits using low-production Reels videos, and Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore showcasing people using their plus size clothing line in real situations.

All of these trends use lo-fi or low-production videos. Yet, they made a big impact on connecting to Instagram audiences. Lo-fi or low-production videos are DIY videos captured on mobile devices. Since WFH has increased due to lockdowns and social distancing measures, they make brands productive in the absence of studio backgrounds. This is to bounce back and save costs through digital marketing. It turns out that such a necessity becomes an opportunity. 

Implications for Marketers:

Low-production videos are a great way to create engaging content on Instagram. Marketers can use such types of content on a brand’s IGTV, Reels, and Stories. They can feature behind-the-scenes, product launches, limited sales, UGC, etc. to increase brand awareness and discovery. At the same time, they can highlight a brand’s real and unique identity by being authentic on Instagram.

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