Google Video Experiments to Improve Marketing Results

Google Video Experiments to Improve Marketing Results

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Video marketing is a clear winner last 2020. The lockdowns and social distancing measures brought about by COVID-19 made everybody online. Today, 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 90% of marketers plan to continue using them. Among the most effective platforms where video marketing leads are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Starting 06 April 2021, Google launches video experiments to improve marketing results. 

For Google, experimentation is an important component of a successful campaign. Such an element is important to get proven analytics on what covers the audience, drives sales, and lifts a brand. Google video experiments allow brands to run several video creatives customized for a segment of audiences. This was proven more effective than a single video creative before launching video experiments. 

  • Aegon Life, a popular Indian insurance company, experimented with different text overlays on their video campaigns. Such video experiments drive 139% conversion.
  • Decathlon, the world’s largest retailer of sporting goods, has lifted conversion by 175% through Google video experiments. The brand has successfully featured products in 110 spots among Singaporean customers.

To access video experiments, go to the Google Ads dashboard and choose such an option under the “Draft & Experiment” tab. To create a sweet spot on your video experiments, Google strongly recommends the following best practices:

  • Experiment on call-to-actions. Putting a CTA at the beginning or end of a video can drive more conversions. 
  • Experiment on framing. Zooming important subjects like featured products or influencers can boost audience consideration.
  • Experiment on text. Enlarging text elements including the logo can lift brand awareness.

With Google video experiments, they can try different visual language elements. These include brightness, framing, pacing, or text. It’s a great way to reduce cost per action (CPA) and increase conversion.

Implications for Marketers:

Google video experiments can help marketers make better decisions by knowing which ads work best. Just like Facebook’s A/B experiments, testing multiple video iterations shows what elements make a video ad stand out. As such, it’s a sure way to guarantee success in video marketing.


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