Living Room Impressions Will Now Appear on YouTube Analytics

Living Room Impressions Will Now Appear on YouTube Analytics

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Living room impressions will now appear on YouTube Analytics! 

In YouTube’s weekly news flash last 10 March 2021, Creator Insider announced an exciting addition to YouTube Analytics. Impressions derived from TV and gaming consoles will start to appear on a Creator’s analytic count. 

YouTube notes that it is just a simple reporting enhancement. It doesn’t make a difference to a video’s standard performance. What creators may see is a difference in their click-through rates if the impression metrics change. So, the overall metrics like revenues, views, and watch time will not be affected by the enhancement. YouTube adds living room impressions on YouTube Analytics as the use of Connected TV rises in the platform among other channels. Last December 2020, YouTube has recorded 120 million users in the US streaming on their TV screens. 

YouTube also noted the launch of new and returning viewers metric last week. Creators can view them under the audience tab. These metrics apply only to creators and don’t include content owners. They can be very helpful as they allow creators to see which viewers are returning to their channels. Such information can guide creators on their content strategies and topic decisions.

Implications for Marketers:

Living room impression can be a great YouTube comparative tool for creators. With the rising trend for Connected TV, creators can find a way to take advantage of YouTube video ads under such mediums. As such, they can maximize monetizing their creations at lower costs.


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