Testing Remix Option on Instagram and Snapchat

Testing Remix Option on Instagram and Snapchat

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Are you a TikTok fan? 

Are you familiar with TikTok duets? 

Well, duets allow you to use another video to play alongside your video clips. Recently, Instagram and Snapchat are testing a remix option similar to duets.

Instagram is testing the remix option on Reels, while Snapchat is testing it on Snaps. The remix option is currently in beta under the Reels menu of Instagram. An Instagrammer who taps the option can create a reaction video clip and play it side by side with the user’s created video clip. On Snapchat, the remix option is showing as “Remix Snap” on the user’s home screen. Once the user clicks it, the user can record a new video and post it alongside the original video clip on the chat. The option can be under a picture on a picture, side by side, or top and bottom orientation. 

Implications for Marketers:

Video remix options are new creative tools to interact with other videos. For marketers, it can be a fun way of partnering with influencers and use UGCs. The key is to highlight a brand’s value while boosting engagement.




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