Instagram Reels Will Soon Be Shared on Facebook

Instagram Reels Will Soon Be Shared on Facebook

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Are you a TikTok enthusiast? Have you ever tried Reels?

Reels is the TikTok counterpart of Instagram. They are short-form video clips that last within 15 to 30 seconds. It was launched on 08 July 2020 when TikTok was banned in India. Since then, Instagram continuously finds ways to boost Reels and beat TikTok. After its full launch, the platform added a dedicated Reels tab on its main feed. It has also updated the audio functions of Reels. Instagram also enabled branded content and shopping tags on Reels. Now, here’s the good news! Instagram Reels will soon be shared on Facebook.

Since December 2020, Instagram has been testing ways on how to recommend Reels on Facebook. Today, Facebook is advancing the initiative. Selected Instagrammers will now receive a prompt inviting them to share Reels on Facebook. The prompt notes that Reels will be shared using their Instagram account. Facebook will make these Instagram’s short-videos visible in the newsfeed and on Facebook Watch. 

Instagram Reels will soon be shared on Facebook as tweeted by @VarunBanur on 04 February 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Sharing Instagram Reels on Facebook is a great way to boost its exposure. For marketers, this can be an extra opportunity to market their products to 2.8 billion Facebook users via engaging short-form videos. With short-form videos becoming a trend in digital marketing, the key is to enjoy and explore to encourage engagement.


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