Introducing YouTube Clips

Introducing YouTube Clips

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A few years ago, YouTube had a lot of requests from gaming creators and viewers to have a way to highlight the fun and interesting moments on live streams. Yet, YouTube is not just a home for live streams but also millions of videos on demand (VOD). To make something special, the team is now introducing YouTube Clips under beta-testing on 28 January 2021. It’s a fun way to share part of a live stream or VODs showing the creators’ attribute.

In a video via YouTube’s Creator Insider Channel, Salapudin, a Product Manager on YouTube Gaming explains “Clips.” Traditionally, videos can be shared via the URL of a Watch Page. This is where users can add a time parameter to start the video based on a preferred time say after a minute, halfway, etc. With “clips” video creators can select a segment of a live stream or VOD to highlight within 5 to 60 seconds. They can then add a title and opt to share the clip. Creators can share “Clips” automatically on their social media pages or manually by copying the Clips’ URL link.

Please note that Clips may not be available on the following:

  • Videos made for kids
  • Over 8 hours of live streams 
  • Premieres that are still alive
  • If the video content is deleted, privately set, or violates the community guidelines.

Implications for Marketers:

Like YouTube Shorts, Clips is a short-form video format that can boost engagement in YouTube. Marketers should consider using them to create a teaser on a new product or upcoming event. Moreover, brands can harness the power of clips to invite YouTubers to subscribe to a brand’s channel. Let’s also look forward to adding product tags to monetize Clips. 


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