Adding the Green Screen Option of Facebook Stories

Adding the Green Screen Option of Facebook Stories

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Did you get the chance to watch a Star Wars movie? These movie sequels won multiple awards for special effects. The technology they use is called chroma keying or green-screen effect. Today, Facebook Stories is testing to add a green screen option. 

As retweeted by Mamun Billah, a self-confessed tech lover, Facebook users can now overlay their Stories video clips on a selected image or video background in their camera roll. After clicking “Create a Story”, they can now see a green screen function on the “Change Background” option. Users can tap the screen to add a background image or hold it for a second or two to add a video background. Afterward, they can film the Stories video clips anywhere using these replaceable backgrounds. A green screen function is a creative tool available on Instagram. Facebook is now in the process of integrating it on the platform.

Implications for Marketers:

Adding the green screen option on Facebook Stories is one way of enhancing its AR effects. Once they are officially rolled out, they can be a creative option to power up a brand’s content and feeds. Green screen can also be a potential branding tool by adding relevant background images related to its theme.


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