YouTube Adds Stories Insights on Its Creator Dashboard

YouTube Adds Stories Insights on Its Creator Dashboard

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Major changes in YouTube give Creators a better view of how videos are performing on the platform. It answered some algorithms and video distributions FAQs. It also added Google’s RPM metrics to help assess content performance. Now, YouTube adds stories insights on its creator dashboard.  

The major updates on the platform include:

  • A new video overview analytics layout showing real-time statistics banner and data sidebar. YouTube adds a “see more” button to view data until 30 days after publishing the video.
  • A rebranded blog with four categories: News & Events, Creator & Artist, Culture & Trends, and Inside YouTube 
  • Stories Insights will now be viewed on the creator dashboard of a mobile app.  These include the number of subscribers and views from the stories posted within the last 14 days.

Implications for Marketers:

These YouTubes’ updates help marketers optimize ads and campaigns on the platform. The analytics and insights can guide them for better decisions in future marketing strategies. With short video clips gaining popularity, brands can share exclusive news and trends via YouTube.


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