YouTube Takes Steps to Combat Negative Comments

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In an effort to keep YouTube a positive space, the video sharing platform is testing out two new features to combat potentially harmful comments. They will be testing out new reminder prompts that detect specific terms in users’ comments and the automatic deletion of comments that have been “Held for Review” after 60 days.

The prompts will be triggered when YouTube’s system detects words or terms that are against user guidelines. This is what YouTube had to say:

“To help encourage more respectful interactions on YouTube, we’re testing out a reminder that pops up before you post a potentially offensive comment, giving you a moment to reflect on your comment and revise your reply/comment before it’s published. From the reminder, you can move forward with posting your comment as is, or take a few extra moments to edit your comment before posting it. Note: Even if a comment doesn’t trigger the reminder (as it won’t catch all potentially offensive comments) it may still be removed due to Community Guidelines violations. Only those randomly selected to participate in the experiment will see the reminder. We’ll continue to adjust if and how the reminder is shown pending experiment results.”

Such features will help keep YouTube interactions respectful and positive, and it would be more helpful to prevent comments from becoming harmful or demeaning to creators across the platform. They will be rolled out to a select group of users to assess how they fare on the platform.


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