Pro-Tips on Facebook‘s Video Playlists and Series

Pro-Tips on Facebook‘s Video Playlists and Series

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Facebook’s Creator Studio team focuses on ways to better publish, organize, and discover video content. With Facebook Watch as a growing video destination, the team provides protips on video playlists and series. 


Playlists are collections of videos revolving around a specific theme or topic. These are perfect for organizing tutorials and thematic videos. They suggest related content to Facebook viewers allowing discovery. 


Series is a bunch of episodes sharing the same content set or theme. What’s good about a video series is the option to create trailers and have different seasons. Series also allow chronological viewing of content. They are highlighted on a Facebook Page for better discovery. 

Facebook also notes that playlists and series are a better way to organize content. It allows for better discovery and distribution by offering a nice viewing opportunity to users. It also increases the chances of a video to appear when searching for content based on topics. 

Implications for Marketers:

Playlists and series are discovery tools on Facebook Watch. After relaunching Live With and adding new tools on Facebook Watch, these pro-tips can better guide marketers on their campaign decisions. They may not bring a sudden increase in video views. But they can increase audience engagement in the long run. Marketers with videos evolving in a certain theme or topic can consider testing these two options. It may also be a good way to promote unique video content.


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