Adding New Ways to Create Facebook and Instagram Reels

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Short-form videos are still rising since TikTok hits the spotlight. Instagram then launched Reels as TikTok clones. Reels are 90-second music clips equipped with Reels editing tools and templates.  Meta even launched Facebook Reels last February. Today Meta is adding new ways to create Facebook and Instagram Reels.

The first new creative tool is called “Remixes for Photos.” Instagrammers can make a Reels’ clip through feed post images. These Reels are downloadable. But they can set the download option off as they prefer. The second new tool is the “Clip from the Transcript.” Under the Creator Studio, Facebook and Instagram creators can convert a clip of an uploaded video into Reels. It features a guide on the editing process. Creators can then share the Reels right away, schedule, or save them for later.

Implications to Marketers:

The new ways to create Facebook and Instagram Reels make it easier for marketers to create Reels ads and campaigns. 


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