New Editing Tools for Instagram Reels

New Editing Tools for Instagram Reels

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Last year, Adam Mosseri, Instagram Chief, announced Instagram’s switch to photo-and-video-sharing. Since then, the platform focuses on upgrading its video features and tools. After introducing a new way to watch videos on Instagram and enabling Facebook Reels, here are new editing tools for Instagram Reels.

Here’s how the new editing tools work. Open your Instagram app and go to your Reels camera. Record or upload a clip. Under the clip preview, tap the “edit clips” option at the bottom left.

  • Tap the “add clips” button to go back to the camera and add more clips.
  • Tap the “reorder button” to delete or reorder the clips via a drag & drop option.
  • Tap the thumbnails to expand and trim each clip.

Upload your clips after editing.

Implications for Marketers:

The new editing tools for Instagram Reels can facilitate more customization of Reels ads and campaigns for marketers.


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