Share YouTube Links in a Snap

Share YouTube Links in a Snap

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Short clips and videos are now integral parts of social media marketing. YouTube recently allowed free TV streaming, Twitter enabled faster video uploads, while Instagram leveled up live streams by adding moderators. Today, Snap chatters can share YouTube links in a snap.

The new feature allows a Snap chatter to share a YouTube link directly on the Snap camera. By clicking the share button on a YouTube video, viewers can select the Snapchat icon. It directs them to an automated YouTube video sticker that a Snapchat user can share on a snap or story. The update is available to all Snapchat users on Android and iOS.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers can now share YouTube links in a snap. They can help drive better engagement. At the same time, they allow brands to share valuable content like product overviews and tutorials to influence the Snap chatters’ buying experience.


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