Faster Twitter Video Uploads Through Android 9+

Faster Twitter Video Uploads Through Android 9+

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Video is a very important element of digital marketing today. That is why most social media platforms work on improving their video tools. Twitter, for one, has recently made several updates on its video features. These include auto-captions for videos, enabling live shopping, and improving video quality. The platform also partnered with Viacom CBS to power Twitter Watch Parties. 

Today, the Twitter nation will enjoy faster Twitter video uploads through Android 9+. Twitter has seen that uploading videos have been slow in the Android app. That is why the platform tries to work on speeding it up. For now, videos with a resolution of 720p or lower can enjoy faster upload in the Android 9+ version. Twitter is looking forward to doing the same for higher-quality videos.

Implications for Marketers: 

This is great news for marketers that are dominantly using short clips in their Twitter strategy. Faster Twitter video uploads mean more tweeting and less waiting.


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