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Here’s a preview of Go live together on YouTube! It may be the reason why the platform is changing its data and insights. YouTube’s 2022 analytics focuses on breaking up revenues per content format. This includes top videos growing your audience. Its main purpose is to improve the Media Kit, which creators can use to highlight their outstanding achievements.

A preview of Go live together in YouTube was presented by YouTube’s Product Manager on Live Features, Katherine Lam. On the Creator Insider channel, Katherine announces the pilot testing of a new mobile collaborative streaming feature. It is called the “Go live together” on YouTube. The new feature allows creators to invite a guest to a live stream by simply sending a link.

Under YouTube’s Go live together, the host creator can invite and screen their guest before going live to the viewers. The guest’s channel and user information remain hidden during the live broadcast. Only the host creator will be able to view the streaming analytics. Per-roll and mid-roll ads can also appear during the live broadcast. They will be attributed to the host channel.

YouTube is working for Go live together to be viewed in full screen to add a Q & A feature. A red live ring on the host creator’s profile image indicates when a channel is live. Followers can view the live broadcast by tapping the profile image with a live ring. Creators with at least a thousand subscribers can also use the live redirect feature. It allows them to direct viewers to another live stream or premier on their own channel.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s Go live together is a great way for marketers to collaborate with creators and influencers in promoting products and services. As the feature rolls out soon to more channels, it can also be the best option for brands to initiate a live shopping event with celebrity guests. These can boost brand conversion and reach.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIBCfaI-LwQ

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