A New Media Kit for YouTube’s BrandConnect

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  1. Major update for creators of the YouTube Partner Program!

    Here is a major update for creators of the YouTube Partner Program! Alina Verbenchuk, YouTube’s Product Manager, is working on creator tools. She recently showed a sneak peek of the new Media Kit for BrandConnect, formerly FameBit. As we all know, BrandConnect is a monetization service where creators connect with brands for promotion partnerships. It houses a team that provides full-service campaigns within Canada, the United Kingdom, and the US.

  2. Media Kit aims to provide more creator tools

    Media Kit aims to provide more creator tools as YouTube sees significant growth in branded campaigns. To access Media Kit, simply go to your monetization tab and click BrandConnect. You then need to sign up and accept the terms and conditions for the Media Kit dashboard to appear.

YouTube’s Media Kit houses your banner, bio, demographics, and key stats of your channel data.

  • The new “Audience information” tab will show aggregated info about viewers’ activities. It also shows audience segments made up of a group of viewers with similar interests and intents. This is besides the audience share highlighting how popular a topic is.  
  • The bio on Media Kit is customizable and does not affect your public bio on the channel page. Cards can also be edited to highlight the notable aspects of their channel.
  • If you marked any of your previous video campaigns, featured and paid product placement videos will appear on the right side of the panel. Creators can customize them to showcase the best of their works.
  • Contract information and social media handles will also be displayed on the footers.

YouTube’s Media Kit reports can be downloaded in PDF for creators to easily share them among brands. This new feature will be rolled out slowly to selected YouTube creators in the US for the desktop app.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s Media Kit can be very helpful for marketers to ensure that they are reaching the right audiences. By creating a shareable summary that gives advertisers deeper insights about creator audiences, creators can effectively pitch themselves for brand campaigns and partnerships.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If6WiKNvHKQ

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