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Here are more updates from YouTube. Last week, YouTube announced that it will be making the dislike counts private. The platform also enabled auto-chapter search. Today, it is expanding YouTube’s channel management options.

  1. Analytics Mobile Party

    YouTube is rolling out updates to the video overview analytics by aligning desktop and mobile experience. It also makes video performance insights more integrated and visually appealing in the Creator website. Data, explanations, and tips are still available when you press the “Understand Your Performance” card.

  2. Channel Guidelines

    YouTube is expanding channel guideline management to more creators. The feature allows creators to define 3 channel guidelines for video comments. Users must read and accept them before they can comment. The feature will not hide or remove comments. 

    To access channel guideline management, go to Creator Studio, click on Settings, and click on Community. Creators can disable and enable the feature anytime. The feature is available to Android and iOS users.

Copyright Match Tool

Back in June, YouTube adopted an easier copyright protection tool. Since then, YouTube is gradually rolling out the feature. As of October, it is fully launched to all creators. The copyright match tool is a new feature within the take-down web form that allows creators to automatically prevent copies of the content you have removed from being re-uploaded.

YouTube also expands the copyright match tool to anyone who submitted a valid takedown request by sharing with them potential copies of the content they have removed. All take-down reviews are reviewed to ensure that they are valid and complete. YouTube terminates accounts for submitting fraudulent take-downs. 

Member Recognition Shelf Experiment

YouTube is currently testing member recognition. Within the experiment, YouTube will feature member avatars on the home tab of a channel page. It is only available on YouTube mobile and is a way to publicly recognize and thank channel members.

Such an experiment aims to celebrate active channel membership and show them to non-members. It increases the visibility of a channel offering encouraging other viewers to join. Members’ avatars will be regularly rotated to ensure that more members get recognized.

Implications for Marketers: 

As YouTube expands its channel management options, it is giving creators an easier way to manage channels and videos. For marketers, these tools can also help in creating and managing better YouTube ads and campaigns. 

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLMJN0NLl_g

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