New Channel Guidelines Under Experiment in YouTube

New Channel Guidelines Under Experiment in YouTube

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YouTube is currently experimenting with new channel guidelines. This is to help creators manage comments and conversations within their channels. Besides copyright protection, potentially harmful comments are one of the big challenges in the platform. The same goes for other social media networks. Such types of comments can ruin one’s reputation if left unmanaged.

Today, YouTube is experimenting with a small number of creators giving them the ability to define up to 3 channel guidelines for comments. These are a specific set of rules that everyone has to read and accept before they post a comment to a channel. It will greatly help creators outline the kinds of conversations you want to see. If a creator wants to know if he or she is a part of the experiment, just check it out on YouTube Studio Settings and click “Community.”

YouTube is also expanding the “Held for Review” feature to YouTube for mobile by the end of July. This feature was launched to YouTube for desktop last year. The feature hides potentially hurtful comments under the “Held for Review” tab in YouTube Studio. Creators can still view these comments by tapping the see comments section at the bottom of the held for review tab in YouTube Studio. You will then see a prompt to confirm if you want to proceed to cite the fact that the language contains potentially hurtful comments.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s new channel guidelines can greatly help creators to manage comments and conversations within their channel. For marketers, this can help in focusing comments and conversations that give value to their target audiences. As such, it creates a positive atmosphere within the channel.


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