Easier Copyright Protection for YouTube Creators

Easier Copyright Protection for YouTube Creators

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The new copyright protection tools for YouTube creators were announced by Fabio Digiacomo, the Copyright Product Manager of YouTube. In this week’s Creator Insiders video, Fabio announced 2 updates on how you can buy the protector content on the platform – one from the corporate match tool and the other from the webform.

During the video editing process in the webform, go to Creator Studio and look for the removal options. A new tick box will show as “Prevent copies of these videos appearing on YouTube going forward.” Once a creator ticks the said box, YouTube will recheck or won’t allow anybody to upload the same video within the platform. 

In case people try to upload similar videos, YouTube will also show it on the analytics of the corporate match tool. Creators can then review it and make a decision. YouTube’s copyright protection applies worldwide. So, creators should only upload content that they originally made or are authorized to use. 

YouTube’s new copyright protection tools roll out to all YPP channels as of 11 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s new copyright protection tools can help creators better manage content on YouTube. For marketers, this is a great way to protect branded content on YouTube. By having copyright protection on YouTube content, brands can better focus on creating videos to boost ad revenue and impressions

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/youtube-adds-new-tools-to-detect-copyright-violations-and-block-them-within/601665/

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