Shorts Analytics Experiment on YouTube

Shorts Analytics Experiment on YouTube

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A Shorts Analytics experiment was recently announced in YouTube’s weekly news flash. Abhinav Singh, a program manager at YouTube, relayed some YouTube updates via the Creator Insider channel. 

First off, YouTube enables Shorts sampling bulk-opt out is now available on the Creator Studio. Creators can now opt-out of their long-form videos on being sampled for Shorts in bulk. The steps are pretty simple.

  • Just go to the YouTube Studio tab >
  • Select “Content” >
  • Tick the content that you would like to opt-out >
  • Click on Edit >
  • Hit Shorts Sampling >
  • Choose “Don’t Allow Sampling.”

Any derivative Shorts sampled from those videos will be muted and will be scheduled for deletion within 30 days. Creators can always toggle back to allow sampling of the video content.

Second, YouTube is now experimenting with the Shorts Analytics in the main app. This is to give creators the basic performance metrics on the main app. The analytics comes with a link to the YouTube Studio where creators can view more detailed insights per video. 

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube Shorts Analytics can help creators know which of their Shorts videos receive good engagements and which do not. These insights can help them create better Shorts content that their audience would like. The same goes for marketers. Knowing which Shorts video works or not can help them in their future marketing strategies.


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