The Expansion of YouTube Shorts to More Countries

The Expansion of YouTube Shorts to More Countries

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Short-form videos are taking over social media this 2021. Social media users love watching babies’ first time, food recipes, pet videos, etc. When it comes to marketing, they also ring a bell. After TikTok invaded the scene:

Shorts is a new way to create and watch videos on YouTube. They are short video clips that last for 15-seconds to 60-seconds. With the use of product tags, Shorts can greatly improve marketing results. YouTube started testing Shorts in India in September 2020. Shortly thereafter, it was introduced among users in the United States. Today, YouTube expands the availability of Shorts, to 3 more countries. These include Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. In line with the expansion, YouTube will also be updating its Shorts catalog to include more music playlists. 

Implications for Marketers: 

Expanding YouTube Shorts to more countries is Google’s move to outcompete TikTok. The sheer size of YouTube viewers will eventually make such short-video clips to drive SEO. Marketers should never miss the opportunity to create Shorts ads and campaigns. Besides optimizing SEO, they can very well increase awareness and conversion.


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