New to You by YouTube

New to You by YouTube

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Here’s something new for you! YouTube launches a new feature at the YouTube mobile app homepage. The new feature is not a YouTube Studio feature but is something interesting nonetheless. Becca McArthur, a YouTube product manager announces the update via the YouTube Insider channel. It is called “New to You.” 

YouTube wants to give viewers a better viewing experience. Most YouTubers say that they come back to the platform daily but only see the same flavor of recommendations. As such, they felt stuck to a sort of pattern. That is why YouTube designed “New to You.” It helps viewers discover content or creators that are new to them. It allows users to explore beyond typical recommendations. “New to You” helps viewers explore videos outside their typical recommendations but stay personalized to a viewer’s particular interests.

First, “New to You” refresh displays various topics on YouTube’s mobile app. It is a colorful option showing on top of your YouTube’s mobile app. When a user taps on it, it will show a set of recommended videos you have not yet seen before.  You can explore and scroll around to find new categories or topics to watch.

Second, “New to You” prompts display after you have scroll down your regular feeds. Once you tap the “New to You” tab, it will direct you to new sets of exploratory recommendations where users can discover new creators and new video flavors. 

YouTube launches “New to You” on 09 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s “New to You” can help viewers discover something new to break the monotony in their feeds. At the same time, it will help creators discover new viewers. As such, it can also expand the awareness and discovery of brands and businesses on YouTube.


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