YouTube Officially Rolls Out Automated Video Chapters

YouTube Officially Rolls Out Automated Video Chapters

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Here’s another great piece of news from YouTube Insider. Conor Kavanagh, YouTube’s Ads Policy Manager, announces that YouTube Shorts will now be available to all countries where YouTube is available. And to make the video editing process, YouTube officially rolls out automated video chapters to all clips

YouTube has been testing automated video chapters since November 2020. With the use of machine learning, such a tool automatically segments a video into timeline sections. Starting today, it will be available to all new videos uploaded on YouTube. Creators can choose to opt-in or out with the said feature. To opt-in, click on edit video, and tap the show more button. Toggle between the options and select allow automated video chapters. To opt-out, creators can manually edit the segmentation overriding the automated video chapters for a specific video. If a creator wants to opt-out with automated video chapters for all videos in his or her channel, simply go to the default settings of YouTube Studio, choose advanced settings, and untick the automated video chapters box. 

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s automated video chapter makes it easier for creators to segment their video content. For marketers, automated video chapters can improve video marketing results. Segmenting video chapters allow brands to choose the best video thumbnails or use clips as marketing teasers.


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