3 New Metrics on YouTube Mobile Studio

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Here are 3 new metrics on YouTube Mobile Studio! The updates were announced by Conor Kavanagh. YouTube’s Ads Policy Manager, at the Creator Insider channel. These metrics were previously on YouTube for desktop. But now they are made available on YouTube Mobile Studio. 

New & Returning Viewers

Under the audience tab of the Channel and Video Analytics, YouTube adds the “New and Returning Viewers” metrics. The platform also aligns such member metrics under the “Latest Video Performance” card to provide a brief insight into CTR performance.

Top Videos Growing Your Audience

YouTube also adds the “Top Videos Growing Your Audience” metrics as a card under the “Audience” tab within “Analytics.” The card is filtered based on the number of viewers that returned to watch more videos on the channel. The list is based in descending order. The new card will show which videos help your channel grow its audience. These real-time insights can help creators understand what types of content their viewers are enjoying the most. They can be the type of content you may want to create more to grow your audience.

YouTube Analytics (YTA) Currency Settings

The 3rd metric that YouTube adds on Mobile Studio is the “YTA Currency Settings.” It allows creators to change their currency settings on YouTube Mobile Studio. All the Creator needs to do is just go to the “Comment” Notification of the Settings tab. There, they can set their chosen currency from the given selections. 

Besides the 3 new metrics, YouTube is also testing “Bottom navigation.” It aims to increase efficiency among creators by reducing the number of clicks when navigating metrics. YouTube will be rolling out these new features in the next couple of weeks. 

YouTube adds three new mobile studio metrics on 28 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As YouTube expanded access to community posting, it continuously rolled out new features, insights, and tools for a better creator experience. For marketers, the new analytics can help them better decide their future marketing strategies. Backed up by data, YouTube can become a great platform to promote products and services.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNSj8V__nuk

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