Introducing the New Creator Website in YouTube

Introducing the New Creator Website in YouTube

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Introducing a new look on YouTube’s Creator website! After officially launching the creator’s Shorts fund, the platform simplifies everything you need to earn money through video content. YouTube’s new creator website has now been broken down into three major categories:

The “Welcome Creators” category lays down how to get started on YouTube. It includes features and tools that creators can use to create and share content. Creators can tell their stories by creating short clips, live broadcasts, long-form content, video ads, etc. They can also build communities and turn their passions to earn money on the platform.  In this category, YouTube also lays down its guidelines and policies for creators to know.

YouTube’s new creator website also features a category on how to create, connect and grow a channel. The “How Things Work” category includes monetization tools, together with programs and initiatives made by the platform to celebrate creators’ milestones.

Last, the “Top Questions” category is a compilation of FAQs, Help Center articles, and How-to’s to answer creators’ queries and guide them to success on YouTube.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s new creator website is a handy tool to help creators navigate the features and tools of the platform. For marketers, they can also be an easy way to create effective YouTube ads and campaigns.


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