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More and more YouTubers are spending their time on CTV. Around 120 million Americans viewed CTV shows and videos on the big screen last December 2020. YouTube finds such living room impressions as a great way to help advertisers increase reach and revenue. That is why video action campaigns are now on YouTube CTV. 

YouTube’s Connected TV (CTV) allows viewers to watch TV shows and videos on the big screen and other internet-connected devices. Typically, people use to access them on Smart TVs and gaming consoles. Recently, YouTube offers 4k Plus Package for unlimited streaming using 4k resolution and 5.2 Dolby sound. 

Video action campaigns on YouTube CTV are just like IGTV marketing. But instead of product tags, such video ads show a URL link at the bottom of the screen. Viewers who click the URL will be directed to the brand’s product page for easier shopping. Doing so will not interrupt what the viewers are watching on-screen. Video action campaigns are available through Google Ads starting 04 October 2021. Advertisers can check the impact of the campaigns via the “Conversion Lift beta.”

Implications for Marketers: 

Video action campaigns on YouTube CTV are great ways for brands and businesses to boost the reach and revenues of video ads. It may be worth it for marketers to give t a try with the increasing usage of connected TV. Video action campaigns may be cheaper and more efficient as patterned with traditional TV ads placement.


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