The Integration of Facebook Business Suite with Vimeo

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It will now be easier to create engaging video ads on Facebook. Today, the king of social media announces the integration of Facebook Business Suite with Vimeo. Facebook Business Suite is an app containing features, insights, and tools for advertising and marketing. It lets brands and businesses manage ads and campaigns across the Facebook family of apps. Vimeo Create is an all-in-one paid but affordable video tool. It houses huge libraries of audio clips, graphics, images, text overlays, and video templates. Vimeo offers a 14-day free trial period.

According to Rich Bloom, the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Vimeo, the integration of Facebook Business Suite with Vimeo can help optimize video marketing as follows:

  • Grab the audiences’ attention by making an impact. With Vimeo, Facebook pages can customize eye-catching first frames on their video ads.
  • Repurposed creative assets across multi-channels. Vimeo makes it easy to change the aspect ratio of a video to fit the specifications of different social media platforms.
  • Test and track video performances. As Facebook Business Suites integrates with Vimeo, it allows better insights into how effective are the performance of video ads. 

Implications for Marketers: 

The integration of Facebook Business Suite with Vimeo is a clear indication that video marketing is on the rise. Vimeo offers an easy way for marketers to create video ads. While Facebook Business Suite tracks the video ads performance and optimizes its targeting. 


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