Free TV Streaming on YouTube

Free TV streaming on YouTube

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Recently, YouTube gave a sneak peek on Go Live Together. It is a live broadcast that allows creators to invite a guest. That is after the platform improved the viewing experience via HDR. A recent Nielsen report showed that 135 million YouTubers in the United States watch on YouTube’s Connected TV. That is why free TV streaming on YouTube is now enabled.

YouTube’s CTV allows YouTubers to watch TV series on gaming consoles, mobile devices, Smart televisions, web browsers, and other internet-connected devices. Previously, it is open only to CTV subscribers paying a monthly fee. The latest update will now allow YouTubers to watch 100 TV series for free every week. The only catch is that video ads will appear in reasonable intervals during the TV watching experience.

Implications for Marketers:

Free TV streaming on YouTube with occasional video ads give marketers more opportunities to reach their target audiences. Just like TV advertisements, CTV ads are much more affordable options


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