A New Way to Watch Videos on Instagram

A New Way to Watch Videos on Instagram

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Here’s a new way to watch videos on Instagram after the full launch of sharing IG Reels to Facebook. Instagram announces that it will be removing IGTV and IGTV marketing in the coming months.

The move aims to make the Instagram video experience simpler. The platform opts to focus on short-form video content that is currently booming. All IG creators earning revenue from IGTV will receive a monthly income based on their most recent IGTV earnings. The platform also encourages the use of link stickers to boost their income on Reels and Stories. The platform also expanded badges for creators to earn via live streaming.

Implications for Marketers:

Short clips like Reels and Stories are a new way to watch videos on Instagram. For brands and creators, it may be hard to monetize such short-form videos. But when integrated with Facebook, it can mean bigger monetization opportunities.

Reference: https://business.instagram.com/creators/blog/instagram-reels-creators-simplify-video

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