A Look at YouTube’s 2022 Collaboration, Commerce, and Community

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What’s up for YouTube in 2022? Neal Mohan, the Chief Product Officer of YouTube shares a look at YouTube’s 2022 Collaboration, Commerce, and Community. These are the 3Cs of the platform:

  • Collaboration stands for partnership innovation.
  • Commerce stands for creator innovation.
  • Community stands for viewer experience.

Remember YouTube’s 2022 priorities?

Live Shopping

In November of last year, YouTube introduced live shopping. It started with a series of holiday streams from famous YouTube brands. Such opportunities will further strengthen YouTube partnerships in 2022. YouTube has also commemorated the NY Advertising Week with a series of live shopping events.

YouTube Shorts

Creators are the heart and soul of YouTube. That is why the platform continuously finds ways to help them boost revenue. YouTube Shorts was launched in September 2019. Since then, the platform expanded the Shorts fund to more than 70 regions. Today, most creators highlight Shorts in their Media Kits. All the more, the launch of Super Thanks significantly added another revenue option among creators.

YouTube CTV and Music

The platform improves its CTV and music offerings for a better YouTube experience. As more users turn to YouTube Connected TV (CTV), YouTube introduced the 4K CTV package. It features unlimited streaming using the latest quality video technology. YouTube Music creators continue to give listeners the most expansive sound experience with a library of 80 million albums, covers, hard-to-find music, remixes, and singles. The platform is currently experimenting to use them as background music among audio devices.  

Implications for Marketers:

A look at YouTube’s 2022 Collaboration, Commerce, and Community just shows that the platform is committed to making YouTube a stronger marketing platform. At the same time, it wants to provide a unique viewing experience among its viewers.

Reference: https://blog.youtube/inside-youtube/innovations-for-2022-at-youtube/

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