YouTube’s 2022 Priorities

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CEO Susan Wojcicki recently announces YouTube’s 2022 priorities. After putting an end to the YouTube Original Series, it is now time to focus on the creator economy. YouTube’s 2022 priorities are divided into three categories. These are the following:

  • Innovations on the Creator Economy
  • Supporting Creator Work
  • YouTube Community Protection

Innovations on the Creator Economy

YouTube is committed to growing its creator ecosystem. That is why the platform continuously innovates to find ways for creators to earn. Recording 5 trillion all-time views for Shorts, YouTube will focus more on enhancing the feature. It will also continue to expand the availability of Shorts funds. YouTube is also looking to venture into paid digital goods like gaming, premium music, learning, live shopping, and NFT. These will give creators more ways to earn revenue within the platform.

Supporting Creator Work

Last November, YouTube turned dislike counts into private. The move aims to protect creators against bullying and harassment. One of YouTube’s 2022 priorities is to remove the dislike counts. It is because the platform does not see any meaningful difference it can give to viewership. The platform even noted dislike attacks happening against black voices, LGBT creators, etc. YouTube will also be funding these creator communities to promote equity and justice.

YouTube Community Protection

Battling harmful content and misinformation are also included in YouTube’s 2022 priorities. The platform released new metrics on its community enforcement guidelines. YouTube is also collaborating with Article 17 of the EU, Digital Service Act (DSA), and other policymakers around the world to promote privacy and security.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube remains the leader among video-sharing platforms. YouTube’s 2022 priorities clearly show its great potential for video marketing in the coming years.


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