Expanding Instagram Video Remix Option to All Videos

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Ever since Instagram shifted from a photo-sharing app into photo and video sharing, the platform focuses on enhancing its video tools. It expanded live streaming badges to more creators. It also enabled visual Reels replies. As the platform allowed sharing links to everyone, it is also expanding the video remix option to all videos.

Initially, the video remix option is only available on Instagram Reels. But today, Instagrammers can see a “Remix this video” option every time they upload a video clip. The video remix option allows users to use either the original clip audio, recorded music, or a voice-over. Users also have the option to enable or disable the feature.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s video remix option can better help marketers create fun and engaging video ads and campaigns. They can also be an opportunity to partner with creators and expand their Instagram reach.

Reference: https://twitter.com/alexvoica/status/1484199038996168705

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