Instagram Enables Visual Replies Using Reels

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Instagram has been focusing on video engagement this year. First, it introduced “Montage,” a tool to convert Stories into Reels. The platform also lengthened Stories up to 60 seconds and allowed Stories link sharing to everyone. Today, Instagram enables visual replies using Reels. 

Instagrammers can now reply to comments using Reels. By tapping the blue Reels button on the comment section, they can upload a Reels clip as a reply. The reply will show as a link in the comment section. Other users can tap them and view the link. 

Implications for Marketers: 

Using Reels as visual replies helps brands and marketers boost engagement and sales. For example, they can reply to a how-to or unboxing Reels clip to further educate Instagrammers about a product. This can significantly influence the viewers’ buying experience. 


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