YouTube’s New Guided Policy Experience

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Here’s good news for YouTube creators! YouTube’s new guided policy experience is on. One of YouTube’s 2022 priorities is supporting creators’ work. After ending YouTube Originals, the platform introduced a media kit for creators to connect with brands. It also enabled new filters for video performances.

YouTube’s Ads Policy Manager, Conor Kavanagh, announces the update in YouTube’s weekly news flash. He said that YouTube wants to make sure that creators have clear visibility of the options when having violation issues. YouTube now introduces a new guided policy experience.

Guided policy experience will walk creators through the options available on YouTube’s community guidelines. It is available on the YouTube desktop for age restrictions, strikes, and video removals. The flow starts with a report showing specific issues on the content. The next step gives a detail of the video elements in question. From here, a creator can either update the clip or file an appeal. The new guided policy experience will be available for all creators before the month ends.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s guided policy experience can help creators make better decisions when facing policy violations. For marketers, it gives a clear view of what elements to avoid when creating video ads and campaigns.


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